Leia Sidery


Visual artist, Leia Sidery takes her viewers through an exploration of dream-like nostalgia. From 2002-2004 she exhibited with street art crew ACD PNX in Sydney and Melbourne, working with stencils, posters, stickers and characters and has a background in graphic design and illustration. Her latest series of oil paintings, ‘Fear and Wonder’ wanders through allegorical renderings of magic realms, hinting at the mystery that lies beneath the surface of outward appearance and experience. The series provides a space to re-visit the child-like imaginary. With a flair for the mischievous and fantastical, Sidery’s paintings extend an invitation to revisit fairytale realms, yet are always ghosted by the potential for danger.
‘Fear and Wonder’ will be exhibited at Plump Gallery, 240 Enmore Road, Enmore from Thursday June 16th- 30th.


  • illustration
  • fine art
  • graphic design